Weddings are Forever – Choose A Hairstyle You’ll Love that Long

Long after the planning has left you flustered and the honeymoon has left you breathless, your wedding will be remembered for generations by way of video and photographs. You paid hundreds of dollars for your special day to be documented. Consider your hair to be your crown that will top off the perfect look on the most special day of your life. Since it is in every picture that you are in your hair is really a most important aspect to plan and consider. This article will discuss what to think about and how to plan the most appropriate and spectacular hairstyle for a most amazing wedding day.

First, the bride should consider the formality of her event. Is your wedding in the evening or the afternoon? Will the event be held in a 1000 seat cathedral with doves being released at the end? Or will you be a favorite installment on YouTube for your backwoods country wedding complete with cowboy boots and a “rock the reception” type entrance? The formality of your event can help you decide the formality of your hairstyle. This will most likely dictate whether or not you will wear a veil. A veil can be long and very formal, limiting the hairstyles you may choose. Or the veil could be short and flirty, allowing for more choices for your hair. You could wear your hair down and untouched for a simple beach wedding. But this would be unacceptable for a highly formal evening wedding held at Trump Tower.

Second, the dress should be the centerpiece and most important aspect of the bridal attire. If you are wearing a long and highly ornate and beaded dress you should consider your hair to be quite simple. It should be out of the way and never get in the way of the appreciation of your dress. However, if your dress is simple with very straight lines you could get away with a high-maintenance hairdo that draws the eye to the face. It is fun to have a big curly hairdo if the bride always wears her hair straight. But don’t let the idea of a once-in-a-lifetime hairdo get in the way of you having an appropriate hairdo that allows your dress to be appreciated. Your hair should not compete with your dress. It should compliment the entire ensemble.

Third, the personality of the bride should be highlighted by her hairstyle. A severe bun with very tightly pulled back hair is quite inappropriate for a bride that is light and silly. Conversely, a fun sparkly sequined mop would be out of place on a bride with a serious and severe demeanor. Let your friends help you if you are in doubt about your personality. They should tell you the truth and help you avoid a contradiction in your hairstyle and your true personality.

Last, the hairstyle should be able to be maintained during the entire wedding event from beginning to end. If you are planning an entire day of activities from morning to night then you should avoid a high-maintenance do that will not be able to be maintained. Also, consider the weather. If your hair is straight then don’t plan to have curly hair on a muggy August afternoon. It’s just not practical. And you are only adding stress to your life by dreaming about it.

Pick a weekend 2 weeks before the wedding to get a final clip, color or whatever you choose for the big day. Don’t pick a dramatic change. Also, on this weekend wear your dress and have your hair and makeup applied exactly as you want them on the big day. This practice will allow you to practice with the veil or baby’s breath that will be placed in your hair. Have fun and take pictures to go off of on the actual wedding day.

Whatever hairstyle you choose don’t let it dictate your level of happiness. If your hairdo doesn’t end up just like you planned, go with the flow. You will still be having a memorable day. Have a memorable attitude to match!

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