Three Hot Short Hairstyles

Who says short hair can’t be sexy? No one here, that’s for sure. For those that dare to wear short hairstyles we salute you and give you three of the trendiest short hairstyles right now.

Rhianna’s Dicey Crop

Good God in heaven but this short hairstyle rocks. The front layers of this hairstyle are made super long and wispy via some serious razor cutting. The bangs are made deliberately uneven in length to ensure a choppy look. As the style travels back to the crown it shrinks in length until there’s just enough for some spiky volume right where you need it. As contrast the back of Rhianna’s short hairstyle is tapered down to brush cut proportions, which totally works here. The result is a confident and sexy short haircut with multiple styling possibilities.

Katie Bends the Bob

Honestly I can’t think of a creepier couple than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and I stand by the theory that the real Katie is stuffed in a closet while her Stepford Wife-like double provides arm candy for Tom. That being said you have to give Katie’s clone credit for a serious style makeover.

Katie’s latest incarnation has taken her sleek bob and transformed into a work of hair art. This short hairstyle breaks all the rules of your typical layered bob by adding loads of direction and volume. Use a volumizing mousse to create lots of lift at the roots – make those layers work for it, baby! Next use a large barreled curling iron to “flip” back the sides. The trick is to let that big ‘ol curl sit there as is. Think Farrah Fawcett flip. The icing on the cake are those choppy bangs which frame Katie’s beautiful, if not slightly glazed over, eyes.

Monique Lhuillier Salon Opening – Arrivals and Inside

Emilie may be “Lost” on a deserted island but she’s sure found a kick-ass hairstyle. The hottest look for long hair right now is a very natural and romantic wave for evening. Here a short haircut can get in on this trend by mimicking those luscious waves on a smaller scale. If you have natural wave in your hair use a curl enhancer and scrunch waves into place with a diffuser.

For those with naturally straight hair fake it by spiraling one inch sections around two sizes of curling iron, medium and large. By alternating between the two sizes you create a more natural looking curl that won’t appear so “done”.

In the end the trick to wearing a short hairstyle is in a really good cut. If you don’t have that as a foundation no amount of styling will create a diva-worthy style. Have you ever had a short haircut go bad? Confess your short hair disaster in the comments.

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