Three Hot Men’s Hairstyles

Tired of the same old men’s hairstyles? Well so are we! We know this blog is “her” hairstyles blog but we got so sick of the lack of great men’s hairstyles on blogs we decided to stage a revolt against the boring (we really hate the boring). So we’re bringing you three hot hairstyles to try next time you (or your man) visit the stylist.

Buzz is

OK, so maybe your job demands that you must wear your hair short. That shouldn’t mean you can’t add a little style to it. For those with little options try a hairstyle such as Matt Damon’s. Instead of opting for the standard tapered men’s hairstyle go shorter on the sides and back to add some contrast to the length on top. Have your stylist cut your top layers with a straight razor to give them a little bit of a ragged look (unless your hair is thinning then skip this step). Now style by applying pomade to the top layers and separating them with your fingers. The result is still business class but with a punch.

Just a Little Bit Longer

This fresher take on the traditional short men’s hairstyle uses just a little added length to create a great new look. The majority of the length is focused in the front via a choppy bang which is pushed to the side when styling. The hair on the sides is grown to halfway down the ear and the back is left at collar length. To style simply ruffle hair with your hands while blow drying most of the moisture out of the hair. When the hair is only slightly damp distribute a small amount of styling wax to the palms of your hands and work through the hair. Style with your fingers to create a groomed look that’s not too straight laced.

Mid-Length, Yet Manly

If you dare to go a little bit longer yet this men’s hairstyle is a perfect mix of casual and sexy. Longer layers are cut all over the head creating a very laid back style. The sides are left below the ear and the back is grown to past the collar. Styling can be as easy as applying some gel to damp hair and finger styling or blow drying and finishing up with styling wax-it all depends on how “styled” you want your hair to look. While this men’s hairstyle probably won’t suit the boardroom it is a great option for those whose jobs don’t require such a clean cut look.

Now there’s no excuse not to live a little and alter that hair cut you’ve had since skinny leather neckties were in style. If you have any questions about choosing a men’s hairstyle for you please leave a question in the comments section and we’ll be happy to try and answer it.

As a quick note I’m a firm believer that all hairstyles, even men’s hairstyles, benefit from a little product placement meaning some styling products in your hair. If you’re unsure how to apply a styling product in your hair properly here’s a Youtube video that does a great job of explaining it. In the video she’s using gel on a man with longer hair but the principles of application work the same for just about any hair product on any length of hair (except you won’t have to flip your head with really short hair)

When I was searching for examples of men’s hairstyles to show you today I came across some pretty ridiculous ones. Let’s have a good laugh find and link to the most hideous men’s hairstyle you can find and we’ll post the top three winners.

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