The Ever Changing Celebrity Hairstyle

Celebrities have been known to change their look on a regular basis if not a daily basis. Whether it is for a new role or just to change it up a bit they are constantly evolving. Celebs try many different hair colors but the one that seems to stick is the classic blonde. A natural blonde is the favorite among many of them. Sun glistened highlights on a perfectly styled coif. As for the length, long is the way to go for this season. You can wear it up in a loose tousled bun or a ponytail. When wearing your hair up you want to go for a style that looks like you just threw it up but still looks sexy. Having unwashed hair can make it easier to achieve the unkempt bun look it will keep the hair in place unlike washed slippery hair. Also many stars are adding curls to their hair by using a curling iron to make loose flowing ringlets.

The look of the season is very bohemian or hippy chick. Braids are found on the runway and the red carpet. One small braid is located on the side of the head or two small braids meeting in the back of the head. Beach hair is also making a comeback there are even products designed to give you the look even if you are hundreds of miles from the beach. These products give you the windblown sexy look that you achieve while on vacation.

In order to have all of these styles you must condition your hair and you must invest in great products. Healthy hair is good looking hair. A hair full of split ends and over processed hair does not look good on any ones head. There are so many great products available to consumers now so that you can have the celebrity hair that you have been dreaming of. Many of the celebrity hairstylist have made their way into the shampoo business giving regular people the star treatment. Kate Hudson just collaborated with her long time stylist to produce a great product that is not tested on animals and also gives you that star quality hair.

Finally going to the salon every 4 to 6 weeks for a cut and touch ups are a must if you want to achieve celebrity hair. Monthly visits to the salon help keep your hair healthy and shiny. Cutting the split ends helps prevent damaging the hair even more. Coloring on a monthly basis keeps roots from developing and keeps the hair looking healthy and shiny. When getting color ask them to use a condition treatment following the process, like Kerastase, it will keep the hair healthy even after receiving harsh chemicals.

When the look of celebrity is what you want whether it is for a night on the town or just a casual day out use these simple hairstyle tips to change it up a little bit. Also always make sure to condition regularly and go in for touch ups. Beautiful hair produces a confident person and that is what being a celebrity is all about.

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