Polished Wedding Hairstyles

A woman’s wedding is one she’s been planning since she was a little girl; and most have everything planned down to the nail polish they’ll wear- and every woman’s wedding is unique. However, there always seems to be one area that stands to go for classic, elegant looks that most brides strive for: the area of hairstyles. Unlike most hairstyles and trends, wedding hairstyles have tended to stay in one general area. Most brides opt for the classic polished look that has been created with French twists, buns and soft polished locks and curls. This year’s trends are no different; and in fact, they are pulling from seriously classic looks circa the 1930’s and 40’s, when twists and elegant polished hair was in.

Three classic hairstyles for a wedding include a bun, French twist and ponytail; however, inspired by today’s vavoom-desiring informal hairstyles, the classic wedding do’s are picking up a little more volume. Starting with the traditional bun, the key for a trendy do is to start with a offset part at the hairline, followed by loosely teasing of portions of your hair around your hairline. Complete a low bun at the base of your head with a loose ponytail and pins. This do is especially beautiful with a coordinating flower from the bride’s arrangement placed at the side of the bun and adds elegance to this classic look.

Many brides opt for the tousled ponytail look; it is not only a gorgeous classic hairstyle full of curly elegance, but it also is incredibly functional no matter what type of year- it’s always a great idea to keep the hair off a bride’s face for windy outside wedding photos or indoor party celebrations. The key to polishing this hairdo up is a part at the hairline followed by volume at the crown. Create a low pony and curl larger sections of hair with a minimum 2 inch barrel iron. When complete, run your fingers through the pony, take pieces of hair and wrap around the elastic that is holding the pony together, secure with a pin and polish off with some ultra shine hair spray.

Twists have been the style of brides all over, some left simple as a basic French twist, others have been spruced up with a double twist topped off with overflowing curls from the top. This classic look can be spruced up without the curls or double twists with a little volume and a flower from the bride’s bouquet well. Working from the temples up to the top center of the head, loosely tease sections of hair from the hairline to the crown. Pull the sides and back of the hair into a classic French twist and complete with pins. The top portion (teased sections of your hair) should be carefully pinned in with the rest of the twist, to avoid “deflating” your volume crown. A flower can be placed at the ear or on the side of the twist (think a gorgeous strand of 2 or 3 small white or vibrant orchids). As usual, be sure to finish off those teased locks with some hair spray!

Each of these looks takes a classic hairstyle used for centuries by brides and spruces it up to make it fit with today’s trends in hair, but manages to stay true to their elegant roots.

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