Natural Hair Products: Are They Any Good?

These day’s everyone is going natural. We want organic food, eco-friendly cleansers and beauty products with a conscious. But when your personal style is on the line are those all natural hair products really good enough? Today we examine various all natural hair products to see if they’ve got what it takes.

Natural Shampoos and Conditioners

One of the biggest differences you may notice when using a natural shampoo is the lack of suds it produces. This is because a truly natural shampoo should not contain the chemical detergents that cause the sudsing action in regular shampoos. This doesn’t mean they don’t work for the most part they clean your hair every bit as well as regular shampoos. It just means you won’t get that big lather you’re used to.

One to try: Lush’s solid shampoo in “Ultimate Shine”

Exotic floral inspiration to make dull hair shiny

A lovely white shampoo bar with gold sparkly bits (not loads, just enough to leave a couple of sparkles in your hair), Ultimate helps hair shine by using spicy elemi and ylang ylang oils to balance your scalp’s oil production. Deliciously sweet violet leaf oil is said to relieve anger and anxiety so you can shine socially too. Now proudly SLS-free.

Most natural conditioners will work for normal to thick hair but their natural oils might be too much for very fine hair.

Hair Spray

Because aerosols cans are a no-no on many levels for the environment all natural hair sprays come in the liquid, pump bottle variety. This is ok for quick mists but if you use your hairspray as a styling tool and rely on the dryer aerosols for styling this natural hair product probably won’t pass the test.

Styling Gels

From the reviews I’ve read on various types of natural hair gels it seems this one is a winner. Most people say natural hair gels work just as well as the synthetic-filled drug store variety. So you can look good with a clean conscious-yeah!

Hair Coloring

The only all natural hair coloring out there is called hennas. I know these have improved a lot from the hennas of old but it’s still a bit like playing Russian roulette with your hair. Henna’s results are not always predictable and if you decide to color over them with a store bought or professional hair color the results can be disastrous. I remember when I was hairstyling a friend of mine, also a stylist, colored a client’s hair who had used henna previously and her hair turned a weird teal color-yikes. So if you need to color your hair and choose natural henna do a strand test beforehand and proceed with extreme caution.

We all like to use natural when we can and do our part for the environment but it sometimes means we have to give up the versatility and ease of those synthetic products. So if you have a hankering to go natural I say go for it but, for the most part, don’t expect them to behave like their chemically filled counterparts.

Tell us what you think – would you sacrifice your awesome but non-natural hair care products for the eco-friendly kind? Let us in on your views of natural hair care products.

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