How to Breakup with Your Hairstylist

Like all relationships, some are beneficial and last a lifetime while others turn sour and need to be severed. If you’re not getting the hairstyles in soft salon chairs you want from your stylist anymore it may be time for a breakup. But if you think you’re hairstylist won’t take it personally you’re in for a shock. We’re a passionate bunch and we need to be let down easy – especially if you know the stylist socially or plan to start visiting a new stylist in the same salon.

Here are some tips for leaving your stylist and still remaining friends (hopefully)

Give Them Every Opportunity to Make Things Right

Just as you wouldn’t dump a significant other without warning you should make sure you’ve voiced your displeasure with your hairstylist before calling it quits. If you’ve sat and silently suffered but never spoke up then you’re just as guilty as your stylist. Let them know you’re not happy with the direction they’ve taken with your hair and give them one last chance to rectify it. If this doesn’t do the trick then you’re free to look elsewhere for hair care. Just remember – if you don’t say something they won’t know. And no martyr ever had good hair (Joan of Arc anyone?)

Be Honest

If you’re planning to leave your stylist for a different one within the same salon you’ll need to be honest about why you’re changing stylists. This is because, no matter how friendly the stylists seem with each other, there’s always animosity when one stylist is seen to be “poaching” a client from another. Tell them you’ve enjoyed your time with them (it’s OK to fib a bit) but you feel another stylist will be more in tune with your hair care needs.

Decide if you Need a Total Breakup or Just Need Another Stylist on the Side

Now this one can be tricky but if done right can make everyone happy. Perhaps your stylist specializes in colors, and you love the hair color they give you, but it’s the cut you can’t stand. Tell them how much you love what they do color-wise to their hair but that you’d like to try another stylist for your cuts. In many upscale salons this is totally acceptable and allows each stylist to focus on the area of hairstyling they are best at. Golden rule – if you see other clients using different stylist for blow dries, colors and cuts you’ve got the green light to do the same.

Have Another Hairstylist Picked out

If you can’t divide your time between two stylist then make the move the smart way. If you’re staying within the same salon you don’t want to appear to be too much of a stylist-hopper so have a game plan. While with your soon-to-be-ex-hairstylist look around at the clients of other stylists in the salon and choose one whose work you like. This way you can hopefully make the move only once and settle in with your new stylist quickly.

Find a New Salon.

If your stylist has screwed up big time and the relationship is as bitter as a stood-up bride at the alter it’s time to take your hair to another locale. In cases like this it’s best to have a fresh start at an entirely new salon. In cases like this poll friends and family whose hairstyles you like and ask for references. That way you’ll hopefully choose a little more wisely this time and not be entering into a “rebound” relationship with a new stylist.

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