Hairstyles That Spell L O V E

So you are getting married to Mr. Right and want the perfect hairdo for your wedding day! Your man adores your long locks, but should they be pinned up under the veil in a sophisticated fashion, or is it best to leave out a little sexy strand here or there?

You can keep the anticipation of the wedding night sizzling during the ceremony and reception as your man watches those select few curly long locks of hair kissing your forehead and cheeks as you say “I Do”, dance your first dance as a married couple, and greet your guests.

You may decide to add touches of baby breath or other delicate flowers that will enhance the sparkles in your eyes and add a bit of nature to your tresses.

Definitely do not use stiff mousse or hairspray that will make it impossible for your man to run his fingers through your gorgeous locks at the right moment later.

The week before your wedding day, make sure you trim off any split ends and give yourself a deep moisture treatment. You have had months to find the shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair behave at its best for your nuptials, so make sure you have it at the peak condition for the ceremony, and long enough to last at least until midnight and into the early morning hours.

In preparation for your most important day, make sure you drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, and take sufficient vitamins that will help you during the stressful preparation time for your wedding. You definitely cannot afford to have your hair falling out due to lack of nutrition.

Be aware of how your hair reacts to different weather conditions. If your hair is frizzy in humidity, find good hair products and tools that can tame your frizzies. If your hair lacks body, experiment ahead of time to find what gives that little extra sexy curl that will hold its shape for more than 15 minutes.

How you wear your long hair is one of the most important concerns on your wedding day since you will be taking plenty of pictures. You will share these with your husband and children for many years to come. Nothing could worse than explaining why you had a bad-hair day on the day of your wedding, unless you accidentally got pushed into the pond.

Not only will your man notice, but also the bridesmaids will be envious of your precious tresses if you have taken extra special care in planning your hairstyle for your wedding day. Make sure you have tried your do together with the veil that you will be wearing. If you need a special comb to hold on your wedding veil, make sure it complements the flowers or pins that you choose to use in your hair. Be careful not to use too many embellishments in your mane.

Spend as much time preparing your hair for your wedding day as you do in choosing your dress and veil so that your image will express the love that you feel.

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