Hair Extensions: Your Best Hair Accessory

Move over clips and barrettes, the newest accessory to jazz up your hair is – more hair. Hair extensions have been making a steady comeback thanks to celebs such as Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson who wear them regularly. In fact, Jessica teamed up with celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves to create her own line of hair extension. But hair extensions aren’t just for the rich and bored, using hair extensions can help solve some common hair and style problems for just about anybody.

Fuller Hair Right Now

One of the most beneficial aspects of hair extensions is their ability to give instant thickness and volume to fine hair. As a hairstylist I lost track of how many people would sit down in my chair and bemoan their flimsy locks. Back then hair extensions were either super expensive, hard to get or these ratty things that you’d call an exterminator to get rid of. Thankfully, now you can easily buy great quality hair extensions in all lengths and colors, slip them into your existing hair, and instantly volumize those fine strands.

Instant Layers

Layered hair is so hot right now. If your one length hair isn’t doing it for you style wise it’s time to bring in the hair extensions. Lengthening and layering your hair is as easy as choosing hair extensions in the same color (or darker for a really funky look) and clipping them in underneath your own hair. The extensions will cascade from under your own and create a whole new look in minutes. How cool is that?

Long Hair When you Need It

Ever wished you had long hair just for a day? Or perhaps you’re growing out your hair and just can’t get there fast enough. Here come hair extensions to the rescue. Just as I described in the layering section above, clipping hair extensions under your existing hair will instantly lengthen your style and allow you to wear it styled down or up – it’s your choice. Think of having an elegant updo for a formal event that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with your shorter hair.

Synthetic or Real Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are available in either 100% real human hair or high quality synthetic. So which one is better? The biggest difference between the two is the ability to heat style. With human hair you can blow dry it, use curling irons and flat irons – you name it while synthetic hair extensions are not heat friendly and will melt if they come in contact with these heated tools.

Another factor is cost. Human hair is usually more expensive but, as I said, you have more styling options. Your best bet is to decide exactly how you plan on wearing your extensions and choose the one that works best for you.

As a closing note I highly recommend you stick with the clip in variety. These are the easiest to use and take no time at all to put in and take out. I highly recommend you have a closer look at Jessica Simpson’s hair extension line.

So what do you think? Are hair extensions for you? If you’ve used hair extensions before let us know how you like them or drop us a question about using them.

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