Classic Wedding Hair Design For All Seasons

With each season that passes, couples all across the world tie the knot. After choosing a dress and a location, many women set their sights on one of the most important factors of their wedding day – their hairstyle.

Quite often, choosing a wedding hair design is a matter of personal taste. It is often a good idea to try out a number of styles before the big day, even having photographs taken of you hairstyle to insure it’s exactly what you want as you walk down the aisle. However, here are a few suggestions for wedding hairstyles throughout the seasons.


Spring brides have the luxury of choosing from a vast array of flowers for both their ceremony and their reception. Why not incorporate flowers into your hair design as well? A classic chignon with a neatly tucked gardenia makes for a beautiful presentation, and an even more lovely scent. There are a number of ways to incorporate a flower into your hair. Just ask your stylist for their recommendation on the longest lasting flowers. Many recommend freesia and wax-dipped gardenias.


Beating the heat, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding, is always important. A simple updo or French twist makes for a nice way to bring the hair off your neck and therefore, keep you cooler. It’s easy to update the style with a beautiful pearl or diamond hair clip which adds some sparkle to your look. Be sure your stylist uses the appropriate hair products, especially hair spray. The summer heat can make even the fullest hair look flat without the right products.


Weddings in the fall tend to take on a less formal feeling and therefore, let your hair down a little for your wedding day. A soft look is best, perhaps with your hair tied loosely in the back with loose tendrils on either side of your face. If you are naturally curly, why not use it to your advantage with a simple and free-flowing style. Like spring, the fall season can be a lovely time to incorporate flowers into your hair design. Many brides choose a fall toned flower, like a daisy or mum, rather than one in traditional white.


Winter is all about keeping warm and making your hair sparkle. What better way to do this than with a updo with a bright tiara, or wearing it down with a simple wreath atop your head. Keep it simple for winter as far as your hair goes, but kick up the glam a notch with a little diamond jazz.

No matter how you wear your hair on your wedding day, you are sure to be a lovely bride. Keep in mind what fits your face best, as well as your make-up. Begin discussing your hairstyle with your salon months in advance and peruse magazines for other ideas. Looking a photos of hairstyles will get you on the right path to choosing your favorite look. And more than anything, take lots of pictures from all angles before you decide on one style. You may love something from the front view, but think it’s not the best from behind.

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