Chic Braids – Summer Hairstyles For Short to Medium Length Hair

For many of those with chin length hair (give or take an inch or two), finding ways to keep the sides of the face, as well as the back of the neck, cool during summer can be a real challenge. However, there is an easy solution that is both cute and stylish: braids. Before you start thinking that braids are only for elementary school girls or Princess Leia – think again! Stars like Nicole Richie are showing them off at evening galas and women lounging on the beaches in California are pulling up their loose strands in braids to get that even tan. How about you?

Trying to grow out a short cut, I’ve been researching ways to keep my hair out of my face during work and when I exercise. Unfortunately pins and clips just don’t hold all the hair back in place, and having a head full of bobby pins is not ideal on a hot summer day. That’s when I decided to french braid the left and right sides of my hair separately and clip the two braids at the bottom of my hairline at my neck; resulting in an elegant, easy and refreshing hairdo for summer.

This hairstyle allows you to not only have a very cute and alluring do, but allows you to capture all the stragglers as you braid along one side of your head. To start, part your hair down the middle, so that each side has an even amount of hair and choose an area a little higher than your temple to begin braiding. As you braid continuously add hair as you go along, keeping the thickness of the braid as even as possible. Do the same for the other side of the head. When you begin to reach the end of the hairline towards the back of the neck you can do one of three things: tie the braid of one side with the braid of the other side of the head with a simple hairband, or tuck the end of the braid into the hair at the back of the head near the center do the same with the other braid, or finally, tie each braid at the end separately with a band.

This style can take on many variations and can be spruced up with hair accessories. Even if you end up having a few of those too short/too long straggling hair strands to deal with, don’t fret. A few loose strands here and there add a natural finishing touch and prevent your do from looking too princess-like. Those of you with summer highlights will really like this style as it allows the swirls of colors to come up in a new fashionable way.

As we head into fall I believe this hairstyle will still be as popular since scarves are making a comeback and we all know that if we want the full flow of our foulard to be appreciated, the hair has got to be out of the way. So my advice: learn to braid if you don’t know already, and dazzle your everyday do with a few twists before you head out the door in the morning.

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