An Update from the New Farm

1506100_10203068091288058_1723329764_oIt’s been a very busy 2014 for Self Reliance Strategies. We have been in the process of moving the business to a new farm, which has really kept us very busy setting up the homestead. We apologize for being so silent with the blog but we have really been forced to prioritize with all the exciting things we have going on. Our goal at the new farm is to implement many new homesteading strategies and to test the products during everyday use. This will allow us to get organically back to our original focus of providing the best products at the best price while teaching others the skills to be prepared through self reliance.

Plans for 2015 include a dairy goat operation, our own vegetable coop, and attending local farmers markets, regional festivals and preparedness shows. This will allow us to get closer to our clients plus develop and launch many new products (more to come on that soon). We also plan to utilize the blog, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms to stay closer to the consumer. We continue to be active at church and in many ministries, and pray that in 2015 we will be able to help feed many through the Matthew 13 Project.

We will have many specials in the coming weeks so please check out the store for great gift ideas and stocking stuffers. We hope you had a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.


Self Reliance Strategies offers Seasonal Garden Seed Kits that are carefully selected to thrive in each particular season. We also offer Survival Garden Seed Kits and Specialty Garden Seed Kits which are designed for specific situations (harsh climate, survival stockpiling, hydroponic gardening, etc.). Our seed kits are:

  • 100% Heirloom (non-hybrid)
  • 100% Non-GMO
  • Hermetically sealed to last up to 30 years, if stored properly
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