“When I first saw your package I thought wow this is a nice durable package. Little did I know that when I opened up and looked inside I found the same great packing. Thats very important when extending the life of the seed. I have never before seen so many options when buying complete gardens. I plan on buying many more seasonal gardens for stocking stuffers.  You really have some wonderful garden seed products.”

-Blake H, 4th generation farmer, Florida


Alec M Winter Garden Kit_2013“I purchased the year pack of seeds from SRS and I love watching the fresh veggies grow in my new flower beds.  It’s great to know that I have a trusted source for non-GMO seed that I know will grow into healthy produce that I will feel safe feeding to my whole family.”

-Alex M; Ocoee, FL


Thanks for your great products.  Have been using your stuff for years now.  Always meets the mark.  A+ for customer service.  Best wishes and God Bless…. “

-Ken Reams, Rest Assured Oviedo


“I am very pleased with the seeds I recently planted from your seasonal gardens. The kale, carrots, and lettuce sprouted quickly and are doing well. I could never have gotten such a variety and quantity of seeds for such a low price at my local home and garden store. I only regret that I don’t have enough space to plant all the seeds I received!”

Tyler D.


“The drought-tolerant garden from Self Reliance Strategies, Inc., is one of the smartest, most practical ideas we’ve come across. The packaged season-specific seeds, along with water-proof row markers, means you’re just a garden bed of rich soil/compost away from a healthy, inexpensive harvest. Growgreen4women.org’s mission is to provide organic produce to people whose immune systems have been suppressed due to cancer. Self Reliance Strategies’ drought-tolerant garden of bush beans, mustard greens, broccoli, cantaloupe, and watermelon are all well-suited to our particular Central Florida fall/winter climate when the rains are few and far between.  If you’d like to see pictures of our gardens, check out: www.growgreen4women.org”

 Sarah M. McLeod; growgreen4women@centurylink.net


Rarely have I met an online retailer with a more pronounced sense of customer care and support. John truly believes in his products, and it shows. He’s also very responsive to questions, and strikes me as genuine & caring. Those are uncommon traits these days. I highly recommend doing business with Self Reliance Strategies!”

– SS (Oviedo, FL)

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