Bring the Rain: Water Sustainability Using Rain Barrels

5ac600d1-f275-4371-8a4a-7aa9cd47f237Water is probably the most important aspect of successful self reliance. A homestead cannot be sustained without a clean, reliable water source. In emergency situations it’s the most important aspect to consider with experts stating that at a minimum to plan for at least 1 gallon per family member per day. Our goal in the Water Blog Posts is to present possible sources for water if your normal supply was no longer available due to some sort of interruption. We advocate the use of Rain Barrels for collection, and will cover other other storage and filtration strategies and also offer other water preparedness ideas for your Suburban Homestead.

Most suburban homes rely on “city water” as the main source for potable water so a successful Suburban Homestead must be able to provide its own sustainable water source if the faucet isn’t flowing. During a major emergency with a prolonged grid-down situation, the water may flow but it will not be drinkable if the treatment plants are not running. Three sustainable sources for your homestead to consider are well, lakes/streams/rivers, or rain water. In this post we will focus mostly on ideas and applications that we have tested and been using for several years on our own Suburban Homestead.

The main uses for water on a suburban homestead are for drinking/cooking, hygiene, and irrigation for crops. Since most city or county ordinances prevent suburban homes from using any source other than the city for potable water it is unrealistic to be completely self-reliant in everyday living when it comes to turning on your faucet to get water. We can however work to provide the peace of mind of knowing that if the water turns off to your home, you have the ability to sustain your family yourself with your own water source using a Rain Barrel. Plus your garden will grow so much better using rain water instead of the mostly chlorinated city water.


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