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SRS Farm was setup as the “research and development” function of Self Reliance Strategies.  At the farm we test the various products before we advocate them on our website and sold through our online store.  Some of the things we test are the germination rates of all of the seeds contained in our seed kits and the performance of other garden and homesteading products.

Like our parent company, Self Reliance Strategies, we are dedicated to helping our neighbors by teaching  self reliance and homesteading skills.  We believe we are called to help our neighbors and all Americans provide for and protect themselves during good times and times of need.   One of the main focuses of the farm is our “outdoor laboratory” approach to new products and techniques.  Our farm is dedicated to self-sustainability as the one true method for earthly self reliance.  We are a Christian farm and believe that true self reliance begins first by committing yourself to the Lord and we are always willing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


At SRS Farm, we are as passionate about our pastured meat, dairy and produce as we are about self reliance and preparedness.  Our growing methods are focused on being gentle to the earth and committed to sustainability as a main function of our preparedness model.  Our mission is not only to strive for excellence in quality, variety, and nutritional value, but also to serve the local community with a safe and secure local food source and provide assistance to our members should life as we know it drastically change.  SRS Farm works year round to provide these benefits to our members and we welcome each member to share in our farm as family.


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