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Welcome to Self Reliance Strategies — an online resource where like-minded homesteaders can learn about and buy products and develop the skills to be prepared through self-reliance.

As our name implies, our focus is on strategies – comprehensive sets of products and information designed to help you achieve independence in vital areas.

Our Strategies…

…guide our development of information and selection of products & services with the goal of helping you to live a simpler lifestyle — less dependent on supply chains and more self-sufficient.

…focus on techniques that can prepare you for situations such as job loss, income reduction, inflation, temporary shortages, civil unrest, etc.

…are simple.  They’re designed to be understandable, even if your current knowledge of self-reliance is minimal.   Our objective is to provide a turn-key solution for each strategy, making it easier to prepare your family for independence in an uncertain future.

…emphasize establishing local “co-op” preparedness networks among and between communities – to establish strength in numbers, share the burden, embrace our Founding Principles, strengthen our country and fortify our faith

Preparedness Through Self Reliance!

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